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Our Corporate responsibility

What is Faulu Foundation?

Faulu Foundation is a Public benefits Organization registered with the Public Benefits Authority (Formerly NGO Coordination Board). The Foundation was registered in 2007.


Faulu Foundation envisions a society that inculcates the culture of responsibility, championing social and economic transformation for the youth.


To facilitate primary and secondary interventions in the fight against alcohol and drug abuse in an environment where people make informed choices.


1. To create awareness on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse to primary and secondary school students as well as those in post secondary institutions.

2. To engage in civic education for the community with a view to appreciating the social problem of drug and alcohol abuse.

3. Set up programmes that help in prevention and rehabilitation for alcohol and drug abuse cases in the society.

4. Engage all stakeholders in designing appropriate tools and approaches for the fight against alcohol and drug abuse.

Where shall the Foundation operate?

The Foundation shall initially establish projects in Nyeri County with a long term goal of scaling up as a national initiative.

Faulu Foundation Team

The Foundation is steered by a Board of nine members. The members are of both gender (Male 67% and Female 33%). The Board members are from diverse professional backgrounds and this offers the right mix to give direction to the Secretariat of the Foundation. The size of the Board is set to grow with increased activities in the near future.

What Has the Foundation Achieved to Date?

The Foundation has since registration been working on basics, especially establishing a Board and acquiring a piece of land for a rehabilitation centre in the future. The Foundation started actual operations in October 2013. The first Board meeting was held on 16th November 2013. Since then, the Board has been working on determining the area to be covered as well as planning for a soft launch in Nairobi and the main launch scheduled for Nyeri later in 2014. The Foundation has now taken charge of the Foundation and a soft launch is scheduled for late April or early May 2014. The Board is currently in the process of conducting the following activities:

a) Carrying out a survey so as to establish the current statistics and trends in regard to alcohol and drug abuse in Nyeri County.

b) Design appropriate primary and secondary interventions that shall address the issues identified during the survey.

c) Launch operations by setting up an office in Nyeri town.

d) Establish the most optimal approaches of working with all stakeholders to ensure effective prevention and rehabilitation mechanisms for a healthier and more productive society.

The activities shall be conducted through an inclusive approach so as to engage all the community members and therefore ensure sustained responses to reverse the already out of hand situation.

Why the Launch Function?

The scheduled launch shall help the board achieve the following;

1. Create awareness based on current statistics in regard to the extent to which alcohol and drug abuse pose a serious threat to the socio-economic welfare of the communities in Nyeri County.

2. Establish a network of potential sponsors and/or ambassadors for the cause for the Foundation.

3. Offer an opportunity to get the thinking of the guests on practical approaches that can turn round the worrying trends in the next three to five years.